Gary Lee Horn
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Gary does his radio show from the capital
Gary and Hon. Governor Jod Rell of CT

Gary's Voice Over Demo:
Ski Butternut
Hoffman Audi
Gary and Deb on Ski Butternut spot
Bob Sharpe Nissan
Gary and Deb on O'Neils Chevy/Buick spot.

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Click play button to listen to Gary hosting the morning show on NewsTalk 960 WELI New Haven, CT

Listen to "Marty and The Horn"

Gary's "Did You Know" daily feature on Connecticut Ultra Radio

Gary's WHCN show demo "Marty and The Horn"

Gary's WTIC newscast under the name "Gary Morris"

Gary's On-Scene News Voicer of Red Sox vs. Yankees

Song Parody: 2005 Super Bowl
"It's Still Super Bowl To Me"
Gary Lee Horn and Marty Moran


Gary and Senator Joeseph Leiberman

Gary and President Clinton

Gary interviews President Bill Clinton

Gary and President Carter

Gary meets President Jimmy Carter at The White House

gov rowland and gary.gif

Gary welcomes then CT Governor John Rowland to WHCN's studios for an interview.


Rosie, the newest family member
Rose Gold Horn

Lily feeds her new sister Aubrey and Ginger smells affection.


Gary and Lily and Debbie

Gary and Lily and Debbie at the company holiday party